Why Fight the Tide

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 11:42 -- Myther

Sink holes
are grabbing them
are ravaging them
is unwinding them
is bowdlerizing them
all that I know
all that I love
has seemed to decide
that they aren't enough
for all I object
for all that I pull
or try to hold tight
have convinced them
have twisted them
their minds
have betrayed them
into thinking
that humanity needs changed
that we need to stamp out
these impulses
that come with living
why are they convinced
that what they do
is not right
when they know
that what they see
is wrong
the want to be
made anew
into something
that is not them
that is not "new"
but just a face
with no depth
with no far reaching mind
or searing soul
they want conformity
when that means to fade
they are tired of trying
to change the tide
those I love
those I hold
those that taught me
what I know
those that pulled me up
and taught me
to use my eyes
to see
not glance or ignore
this ignorance
this will to fail
why has it
infected them
why has it
changed their minds
it hurts like
iron nails,
burning nails,
driven hard
into sensitive flesh
it causes fear
utter terror
and the unknown
with no one behind me
no one beside me
no one lifting me up
this true unknown
this heavy yoke
this bloodstained sword
this burden here
if it is right
why did they all leave
damning them
damning me
for thinking of that life of ease
my reason gone
I can't help but turn
and start to wander
wander towards my reasons
wander towards my love
for if they do not fight with me
I will die with them
if they do not fight the tide
I will sit right there
I will grasp for them
as the ocean swells
and if they are within reach
I will drown
in peace
with them


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