A State of Contradictions


I live in a state of contradictions.

As a woman I am not required to live under a man,

Yet this country is predominantly ran by men.

I have a mind of my own

And I have every right to use it.

However, many feel that as a woman I shouldn't.

I can do what I want when I want

So long as it abides by the law.

When I go out I can wear whatever I choose,

As long as there are no dress code.

It’s my choice who I marry

Unless they’re of the same sex which the law forbids.

I am responsible for my own actions,

But the legal system decides how I’ll be punished for them.

My country welcomes diversity and culture

Even though it has so many immigration laws.

I am encouraged to create a dream and follow it

But I need resources to pursue them.

People say I should live my life to the fullest,

Others tell me to end it now.

I try my best to be happy

While some hold me back from doing so.

I live in a state of contradictions

There is all these things I can do,

But someone or something is always trying to stop me from doing it.




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