It's a Youth's World


“You’re too young”.

Those are the words of the wise,

the ones whose years have given them

stamina, growth, and reward. 



their predisposition to 

undermine and deny 

the youth of today our right

 to show our capability 

reveals their inability 

to think 

and see

how we think,

how we see.


Lack in powerful positions

within powerful institutions 

          we may.

However where we lack

we make up through 

ingenuity, connectivity and 



Us young people are a force

as expansive as the 

p a c i f i c   o c e a n

with passion that runs as 




as Mariana’s Trench. 


“They can’t make a difference”.

On the contrary. 

The 1960’s Movement:

popular, revealing, and provocative,

kickstarted by the youth.

The “Flower Children” pleaded

for the freedom to express their 


art and music 

s p r e a d 

this value

to the rest of the world. 

This ideal and the music are still 

here, today,

listened to by young minds who still feel

(trapped) by the society whom degrades 

our might to create change.

Influential, timeless principles were not all 

the youth sparked. 

The Free Speech Movement, 

protesting the silencing of the voices

belonging to them.

The youth triggered the

support for 

women’s rights,

gay rights


environmental rights.

Their combined voices 

gained momentum, 

and they persisted 

in order to attempt to change

the lack of equality in the 

“land of the free”.


The British kids found their voice

through the guitar riffs

and political lyrics of

rock n’ roll.

This year

February 14th,

the youth of India peacefully protested

to change “arranged” to “true”

when applied to love.


These movements

are staples,

happenings that show the 


of the youth

around the globe. 

Peaceful, yet persistent

Creative, yet constructed.

Connected, yet 




We are capable 

We are important.

We will not stand to be

pushed aside.

So I say to the youth, 

dismantle the building of your fear,

feel the passion pulsing through your veins. 

Raise your voice,

make a change. 

Release yourself from 

the assumptions that once

held you down. 

We, the youth of today, 

are far more capable 

than we think. 

It’s time for each of us to join

our fellow peers

to create

and accomplish

movements and actions

to create a peaceful and just world. 

The hope for tomorrow

springs from the youth of today.



The youth shaped

the society and politics 

from years past lasting until today. 

Think how we think,

and see what we see.

Where would we be if

the young people

of the world decided to keep their


instead of being free?



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