With no change, comes no growth;

As the pendulum swings, 

we watch as time goes by,

faster than the blink of an eye;

Mid semester, junior year,

work starts to pile up, work not handed in, 

partying on the weekend,

when one should be working and sleeping in;

I watched,


as my grades started to slip through the cracks in my hand;

A change needed to be made,

or my fate and future was to be grim;

My priorities needed to become clear,

keeping on the same path was only creating fear; 

I straitened by act, got back into the groove,

quit going out as often and stuck to school;

Brought all my grades back up to A's,

never once regreted this major change; 

Without this change in the middle of the year,

the outcome for my grades, even future, were not clear;

But from this change, 

came growth;

With no change, comes no growth.


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