Green grass implies Spring, here in this statuesque creation,

With flowers escalating from the earth, softening its foundation.

The days were far too lengthy, under an icebound Winter’s ruling,

And when the slushy snow banks would overload and become intruding.

But those monotonous months of droopy winter precipitation,

Are migrating away, to a more determined desert designation.



An illuminating Sun suggests Summer has come to power,

Where clear skies join and melt the gloom of April’s showers.

The memory fades, of stinging bees and muddy snow,

Melting in the muggy heat of Spring’s rainy glow.

Nevertheless, the rainy conditions of Spring’s awful weather,

Have slowly slipped away, leaving us alone for the better.



Crisp and crunchy leaves welcome Autumn into dominion,

When the aroma of pumpkin pies becomes everyone’s companion.

It had seemed like long turmoil, under a million-degree Sun,

When escaping it was hopeless, its wrath only begun.

But thanks to the heroic entry of Autumn’s chilly breeze,

We finally have a time to stop. Enjoy life and freeze.



A blanket of snow reminds us Winter is back in session,

As the chilly as the air may be, I smile at its regression.

For in times like this, when I’m frozen on the sofa,

Wrapped in fifty blankets, thicker than a boa.

I look at my hot cocoa, and can only help to grin,

That after Winter comes Spring, and we’ll be back where we started again.

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Our world


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