Change on thing, Change most things, Change everything

Change is avoided,

Change is never percieved as good.

Change, however, can be the best we can do for ourselves. 

Change bad habits,

Change the way we view ourselves. 

Change, no matter how scary, is something that we all need. 

What would you change? 

What would you want to make different?

What would you want to do to the world, or to yourself? 

I'll tell you what I'd change, 

I'll change a million things one by one. 

I'll change my hair, it'll be my style, not my parents.

I'll change my clothes, it'll look good on me, not reflect my worth.

I'll change my attitude, it'll be the best me I can be, not a person hidden by a mask. 

The change I make in myself leads to change around me. 

It leads to change in my academics, 

Which leads to change in my extraciriculars, 

Which leads to change in my volunteer hours,

Which leads to change in my future, in my destiny. 

Change may be scary, it may be frightening, but 

Changing the demons inside me to happy thoughts,

Changing those who bring me down to those who support me,

Lead to a change in everything. 


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