Tears drench down sunk in faces.

The eager growl howls in the night.

Each day getting rougher as it goes.

Trying hard to survive.

Fighting for each day in hopes of something new.

Looking out, watching.

Yearnful eyes widen at the sight of something fresh.

Yet, never having the strengh to just reach up and chase it.

Its overlooked by many.

Still others fight for those who's bodies can't go on any longer.

Bodies slowly degrading into a pile of bones.

People starving as they look for some means of scrap.

The meloncholy feelings surrounding.

Almost choking you, until you can't bare it any longer.

Help is what they need.

Hope is what they crave.

Helping world wide hunger is what I wish to change.

Each year millions of children slowly decaying to their deaths.

They crave help and need it.

If I gained all the necessary power to help fight along side these people.

The power to give them the necessary means to survive.

Clean water



I would.

I'd go out of my way to alter their lifes.

Making sure their fragile figures don't fall over on the side of the road

Waiting for the scavengers to pick at the lifeless corpse

I would do whatever it took to make them feel safe.

People of poorer needs.

Those who barely get by with the trash of others.

I'd give up my time to turn their lives around.

Its a problem.

An invisible epidemic that many turn a blind eye to.

An reoccuring issue that needs to be strongly addressed.

If I could change anything.

Anything at all.

It would be the pleaing cries of young ones as they go another night without a meal.

I'd modify the worlds view on how they percieve others in such great need.

I'd give up my time to help those who truly are in grave need.

Don't turn a blind eye.

Glance at the issues around.

The problems within your own backyard.

Those who need the actual help.

If I could change anything

It'd be poverty and starvation

  It be the issues revolving around World Hunger.

It would be getting help for those who actually need it.

Opinions of others who go unnoticed when they slowly decayaway

Day by day.

The issue is what needs to be changed.



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