Speak Your Beliefs

A fairy is real when a child is young,

A belief is what that idea is among,

Everyone believes in something,

Societal change is what beliefs can bring.


Religion is something one cannot escape,

Because it is the basis of a culture’s shape,

Religion helps keep society in order,

Everyone knows sins bring one to prison’s boarder,

Even those who are not religious know of sin,

Society does not believe in murder or the cutting of another’s skin,

America is straying from the church’s rules,

Our culture is straying from what is learned at traditional schools,

Marriage is between a man and woman through the church’s eye,

However, gay marriage is a controversial issue on the rise,

Protest and petition have shown America is ready for change,

Society has decided that in some states it is no longer strange,

Maryland and New Hampshire have made it legal in their states,

Society thoughts were different than law, so the laws changed at fast rates.


Through the power of voice it is amazing what people can achieve,

All it takes is people and standing up for what they believe,

America’s growing acceptance of gay rights is just one case,

But citizens influence their society all over the place.


 In Saudi Arabia women have little to no rights,

This country’s government has taken this issue to new heights,

A male guardian is required if a women wants to leave the home,

Women cannot travel, get an education, or work; they are not free to roam,

Women could do anything men can except they are limited by gender,

And the government will punish them if they are a law offender,

Some women do not care about the punishment to their protest,

Jail is worth it if the government sees their opinions expressed,

Women like these inspire other women to take the street,

These women are all heroes, who want change, and won’t take defeat,

Because these women decided to risk their lives and take a chance,

Their beliefs have driven a government advance,

A bike can now be rode by a woman which is a small success,

Only with a male of course, but this does show progress.


Women no longer want to sit around and have no authority,

Their beliefs have changed and they don’t want to be viewed as the minority,

They are making a difference and taking charge,

This is what leads to impacts that can be very large.


“A person is a person no matter how small,”

Words spoken by Dr. Seuss that are known by almost all,

No matter how small a person is, they still exist,

Ideas and beliefs is what that person consists,

To help form society is an ability everyone has,

Because it simply takes the expression of an idea such as,

When someone has a negative attitude or feeling,

They usually share the idea they no longer want to be dealing,

This allows the belief to be spread and heard,

Meaning that the government’s laws may be stirred,

Sometimes the issue is not in the government’s light,

But that does not mean the citizens are not right,

When society believes something to be true,

It is crucial to allow their beliefs to come through,

Wants and needs of the citizens are the basis of laws,

This is why opinions need to be voiced when there are governmental flaws.


Culture and beliefs shape society, but they also shape the world as a whole,

They are the basis of every community which the citizen’s control,

Insects are a small part of the food chain,

But they are vital for life to sustain,

They don’t seem to be that sufficient,

But without them our ecosystem would not be efficient,

Beliefs are the insects of a societies’ formation,

They form society’s opinion which form law and the nation,

Citizens must express beliefs for society to be aware,

It will help significantly because they shape everything and help countries welfare.


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