Where's the Music?



Sex. Parties. Drugs.

It’s claimed that’s "life" by people who call themselves "thugs".

Tell me why are these artists called artists?

Convince me that my generation doesn’t react to this.

This music the youth listens too, takes a toll higher than these “musicians” would think.

Did you know the words you “spit” on records do determine our lives, the way we’ve set our mind, and see our world with every blink?

Did you know your songs are what my youth confine to?

Those actions we take were followed by what you do?

I don’t think you understand what you’re influence is doing, your words stick into their heads and choices starts brewing.

Should I do molly, cocaine, weed or Mary Jane?

Well going back to these rappers they consider it all the same.

Did it ever come across your mind “Maybe this isn’t cool? The world’s better with bright futures and kids staying in school?”

Do you see what I see? I see people my age dying.

Trying to live from a cigarette, a bottle, any substance to them to make them feel like their flying.

But their sinking, and something all I can do is watch. Tell them everything I can honestly isn’t ever enough.  

I’m not blaming singers and rappers entirely for what has been going on, but I completely agree that what they are doing is something wrong.

Media tells us what to do, how to dress how to act and music is something that definitely contributes to that.

Their words are strong, so strong they have students get out of their seats to go buy bongs. And the songs, I wonder how long it will prolong, until a real artist steps up and states what I believe overall will at least help save one person from going under influence.

That artist who will sing and rap for the people whose voices can’t be heard and rap about real issues that have taken over the earth.

Where’s the musician who’s brave enough to take time to write a song to solve problems, with words of genuine poetry? I believe that artist will be the one who will raise a different entrainment industry.

They will sing of peace and love. Rap of equality for all and the right road to success to go above and beyond.

To touch hearts with their rhymes and change lives for the better.

To bring attention to what must be known and at the same time have people’s minds blown. Minds blown from the rareness and of quality of voice. also singing about things because it is their choice.

I hope one day that artist can step up and show everyone where the music really was.


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