The Inner She That Misses Me

I just want the me I was before I knew what it was like to have to live each living day without you, it's been such a long time since I've seen me and I miss me.
I miss the me that could sleep soundly as soon as my head touched a pillow.
I miss the me that could watch romantic movies and actually just watch them.
I miss the me that didn't know the pain of having to see you happy without me.
I miss that me, because now my life consists of not sleeping, laying awake remembering the movie I'd seen and couldn't help but compare to you and me, wondering how evil the world must be if without me you're fine, happy and moving on, yet without you I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong.
And that's what's wrong, it’s like I’m living now without a filter and it hurts my pride to admit the only way I'll hit the hay without you in my life is if we go back in time and erase the day we ever met, but guess what, I couldn't do that either.
For I know deep in my soul my heart already knows it's way home, even if I were to erase the path, it wouldn't matter, I'd still know how to read a map and my heart would follow and lead me to exactly where you're at.
Why did you leave me? We were so happy, or at least I was...before I knew what it was like to have to live a life without you. 
I miss you, but you don't miss me.
So I'd think it'd wouldn't be too much to ask if I could have back the me you don't miss, because I do.
I do miss me.



Let me know what you think, thankyou.

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