Island in the Sun

Rowing the little boat over the roaring tides and underneath the thundering clouds, I hold onto the life I had lived before. The load got heavier, the rain fell harder and the waves crashed with more anger. I surveyed the black water, looking for a life form or something greener on the other side.Nothing prevailed. Worry and terror shook my whole body, making my little boat tip and tremble.And with a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder,my tiny wooden dinghy flipped over, leaving me to splash into the cold water and swallow it’s malicious strength. Anxiety and madness ensued, making swimming hard and the thought of surviving sound stupid. Not one thing was going the way I wished,the low-hanging fog clouded every vision I had ever dreamed.Everything became grey, ugly and full of exhaustion. Slowly sinking sorrowfully, I began to give up; I lost all hope and faith I had ever adorned.I accepted that I was stranded in the middle of the murky ocean waters and I exhaled my last breath… But a small beam of light pushed through the dark clouds, it highlighted the greys, and created a thin silver lining upon the dust covered membranes. I pushed a little harder, despite the pain and the second thoughts.I swam through the raging waters, the thunderous storm heads bellowed above my head, screaming at me to stop- to forget about what I wanted because it’s not for me. Shaking my head, I plunged deeper and forgot about everything that ever stood in my way. And then I saw it; the stepping stone to survival. The island stared out me, my newfound home was in sight. My prolonged journey had finally come to an end, for the time being.And I intended to live on that little beach, not just survive, but to live and thrive.Finally when I reached the sandy shores, I collapsed in the sunlight and was welcomed with open arms. And here I am smiling, laughing, compassionate, living and loving among the green things that greet me every morning, afternoon and evening with a grin and a sway. My footsteps will remain in the sandy hills under the swinging palms, well after I leave this forgiving little island in the sun. 

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