How a Child Becomes a Beast

the beast beneath me 

the beast above 

the beast within me 

the beast unloved 

this beast is wild 

this beast is free

but love captured it's mind

who would love something so beastly?

"tis not i "says thee

"tis not i "said she 

"tis not i "said he 

if not you; or we:

than who loves the beast?

who helps it when it bleeds 

who teaches it to see?

no wonder it's a beast 

no one taught it to believe 

it could be more than just a beast 

no one said "be happy and care free"

no they said " with all kindness there is a fee"

love will never be free

do all the work and trim the trees 

than go get your degree 

cause love was never guaranteed 

so it's because of society 

that a child became a beast. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



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