Mi Amor

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 15:10 -- ISand

Mi amor, you left me cold.

You arrived out of the blue.

Then you charmed me

And made me feel safe.


I felt emotions more deeply

Than I ever thought possible.

I fell in love with you.

Your charming smile;

Your contagious laugh;

Your sparkling green eyes behind glasses.


For once Ifelt utterly at peace

And it was onlt in your embrace.

I had felt more alive;

I was a better person with your love.


My anxiety had vanished.

You brought out a side of me

I knew nothing of.

You mean more to me

Tha words can ever describe,

Even if I didn't make you feel that way too.


I was afraid of the jinx

Because you were so good,

But I had to take a chance

Because I saw possibilities.


You had given up on us,

For reasons still unclear.

I was broken and yet

I could not hate

For I had grown to love you so deep.

All I do is ache for what once was.


You left me completely shattered

And aching in my mind.

I couldn't stop thinking of you.

Sleep was the only salvation from my heart.

I read to keep my mind off of you

But I was in too much pain.


It was the first time in a while

That I felt a part of me was missing.

I had so much knowledge of you, Mi Amor,

And there was suddenly no use for it.


I had terrible nightmares,

Nights of crying awfully,

And I felt lost.

I always hated feeling lost

From broken habits

And broken hearts.


With some time I feel better

Yet it still hurts like hell.

You still have the same effect on me,

But this time I feel with a broken heart.



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