Revolution For the Forgotten


United States
37° 21' 3.8808" N, 79° 1' 50.1708" W
United States
37° 21' 3.8808" N, 79° 1' 50.1708" W

Before you try to silence me, judge me

Before you treat my story with negativity

Remember it ain't in my nature to be this afraid

But I can't help it with all the illusions I've made


Each person, everybody, everyday

All walk as if they ought to know the way

But deep inside, no matter how hard they try

Is a kind of saddness, but no one knows why


Subjects of both anger and hate

We don't realize our mistakes until it's too late

We scold and overlook and abuse

And don't care who we step on or use


Sins they are, and sins they may be

You can't treat others with such negativity

So cherish today the people you love; your friends

And live today with no regrets or loose ends


You don't know which day will be your last

So live without hate, but love in your past


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