The World

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 12:48 -- amrg3

For all of you, welcome, welcome, welcome

To the world of ‘you cannot do anything right’

Where the only noises are the chains that bind you to rules and regulations

Holding you up to everybody else’s visions and expectations

Not paying attention to the beating of your own heart

Individuality is not a crime, but it certainly is not appreciated

Because God forbid, yet God’s willing to attempt to give you a mind of your own

A mind where monsters are made, dreams are formed, and everything buds to create something stronger than mountains and as gentle as the flap of a butterfly’s wings


For all of you that nobody hears when you whisper

Society won’t pay attention, it’s not your friend

Society wants to drown you out and shut you down

Society wants to break and dissolve you until you’re part of the ocean floor

Struggling to find individuality in a sea of conformity; it’s everybody’s dream, isn’t it?

No, it’s only the outline of the AMERICAN dream; because we’re only made of bits and pieces of everyone else, we just refuse to admit it


For all of you the education system has ruined because of the rankings imposed on you

Rankings based on your ability to memorize for standardized tests meant to fail you

You must restrict your mind to “succeed”

Your mind that is designed to soar and conquer the horizon, not solely problems on the page

The mind that can do so much more than just solve for x and y

But that’s how you’re judged, that’s how you’re known

Your identity, your history, your everything is nothing but numbers on a paper


For all of you that brag about not working, not trying, not achieving

Saying you’re a rebel because you don’t do the assignments you’re supposed to?

Well, you rebel, I have some words for you

The real rebels are the ones with stars in their eyes and who put their dreams before anything, utilizing their footsteps to level unbroken paths

You say you don’t have the spirit, the game, the fight or the drive?

Who cares about that when there are billions of people dying for a chance to stay alive?

So you just sit there with your ‘snarky’ face and your social media

And drown in who you once aspired to be


For all of you, every single one

Look out beyond the stars and look out beyond who you are

Look out beyond the words on a page, and into the eyes of a boy

A boy so small that the cracks in the pavement swallow him

A boy whose eyes have seen so much, and tell so little

Pick him up, hold him in your arms and tell him everything will be ok

That he can rise up, ride waves and paint voices into the wind

Tell him that one day he can change this world, and make it his


(copright 2013 AMRG3)


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