I know you already know, but may I propose?


I used to be here,

Didn't we all.

History shows,

Powerful nations,

Always fall.

But we never worry,

Never show fear. 

Just shake our fists, 

And drink a beer.

No! Don't cry,

Don't you shed one tear!

You're on our land,

Be thankful you're here. 

Question authourity?

Grounds of sin.

Shhhh be quiet,

You'll never win.

Thoughts and bombastic words.

Corrupted minds, turned to curd.

Unspoken laws, dying to be heard.

Excuse me sir?

Can you see?

Im right here,

Open up, it's me!

I don't ask for much,

Just want to be free!

Shhhhh, Stop asking,

I beg of you, 


Hearts, cruel, violent and unjust.

Hearts, take it, and walk on without a fuss.

Their hearts beat,

But so does mine.

Our ears,

They both hear,

the church bell chime!

You are nobody, just like me!

Yet you brush me off,

like dirt on the street.

How long are we willing to wait?

How will our actions determine our fate?

Walk by sight,

Or walk by faith.

A smile is univocal,

Our words are not.

Our civil rights leaders,

for our freedom they fought!

I thought you learned the first time,

Has't thou forgot?

Tell me why you're better than me, and I'll be on my way.

Give and answer unskewed, 

Not one for political pay.

Excuse me sir?

Speak up just a bit.

It seems you're wasting breath,

Don't worry I have an aid-kit.

Now continue on,

My soul wants to hear!

You say nothing, Yet,

You're the smart one here?

Nothing but air and opportunity,

And I have taken it all.

Good job powerful man to whom we all call,

Great, Intelligent and loyal.

Thank you say we all!

Twas' grand, we had a ball!

While you sat back and watched our nation fall.











salad fingers

wow. deep...


wow.... thanks!

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