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People who scream and shout,
What the fuck is that shit all about
Today you said I love you, I hate you, I wish you were dead
But at the end of the day you should be lucky to be blessed.

By now you've been down this road too long,
not knowing the right road to take
Glancing at your past there have been many mistakes,
For seeing you now not knowing how you made it through
Accept only by saying, "Tomorrow's a better day."

Warning to the wise and the suckers, I've finally opened my eyes
This path I'm about to make for myself is much clearer
I look down from a distance while I'm saying, "WHOA,"
Everything I have been through "is" a blessing.

Going through hell, that's the cost of achievement,
Not going through hell, well that is just lazy and stealing,
No not stealing from me, but stealing form yourself
Its better to go down a path that offers you more in life
So go for it and be your own path finder.


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