Empty Halls


The sound of shoes scuffing the floor
echoed throughout the hallway. 
A black hood encases her face,
hiding her from the world.
She keeps her head down,
not even trying to make eye contact.
She came back different.
The girl who always cared too much
could no longer give a damn.
Bodies scrambled out of the way,
avoiding her like she was the worlds destruction.
No one understood that because she didn't talk,
didn't mean she couldn't hear.
Whispers slither their way,
into her head. 
Creating something that cannot be thrown away.
They snap pictures 
and post them everywhere.
Fingers slide down her arms
Because she is the dare.
They don't think she notices.
The whispers
The lies
The cheating 
The discomfort
The hurt
The lives being destroyed.
Because what they didn't understand
was that when she never speaks a word,
She hears.
And she sees everything.
And that's why she will never be the same.


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