We, The Chaotic Ones

Sun, 06/16/2019 - 12:46 -- GelBlue

Amongst all the safe havens
brooding with yoylur presence
could be one of those wondrous places.

Driven by fear,
exhausted by the minute doubts
forgotten how to kneel and yet,
grienving from the past
How would I end this lament?

I tried to call you,
just maybe you would hear
knowing your a listener
learning your The Greatest
My Heavenly Father...

Now tell me, Do you even hear my prayers?
or am I just forgotten?
Please, answer me! I beg you!
Quite far I heard your voice
roarin mountains, crashing waves,
storms, earthquakes, all in all.

They creations, now wrecked
uncanniness, oh how they paved!
vanquished by our selfishness, yes!
We are the reason for these!

Xeniphobic by the outcome
yet we should manage to overcome
Zealousy could make me a better one.

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Our world
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