Awkward Man

Awkward man, awkward manners.

Awkward man gets on the Internet.

Awkward man conversates with fans of a show.

Awkward man is a fan of a show,

A show involving animated and colorful ponies.

Awkward man, a brony for four years.

Awkward man, single at one point,

Is in love with a motherly but sexy voice,

And nobody notices it.

Awkward man loves that voice.


Awkward man, creepy man?

What is up with that?

That is a damaging accusation.

Awkward man is political and passionate.

Awkward man is logical and religious.

Awkward man is not afraid to speak his mind.

Why do people question this? Who knows?

Awkward man sees a topic, he discusses it.

Awkward man mixes real life with his show.

Awkward man is opinionated, but his behavior

Is in question for everyone.

Creepy? More like obsessed, am I right?

Causing others to feel uncomfortable? Probably.

Awkward man is not at fault

For ignorance of his alleged problem

All it takes is a few people to point it out to him,

Even if no one does at the moment.

Awkward man is not himself for several days.

Posting stories and images of characters,

Including his original character,

And voice-acting in fan-made shows,

Awkward man did not listen other than making a fool of himself.

Awkward man receives hate from trolls and critics alike.

Awkward man gets upset and cries.

Awkward man gets mad and blames others for what happened.

Awkward man is sensitive to criticism.


Awkward man, Chancellor's list.

He is aware of how the world works and why it works the way it does.

After realizing what he has done,

Awkward man apologizes,

But most of the hurt does not forgive him.

No matter how hard awkward man tries, they do not budge.

One apology after another and awkward man thinks he cannot do anything right.

Awkward man's intentions are good, but his actions do not reflect them.

Awkward man is not bitter other than misguided.

Awkward man thinks that everyone hates him.

But he knows better,

Realizing that he still has those who love him,

Mainly, his family and friends.

Even his fans adore him for his best qualities.


Awkward man, missing mate.

Awkward man does not create fear.

Awkward man is loving and caring.

Awkward man realizes he needs a woman in his life,

Not a disembodied female voice.

Awkward man leaves those he hurt alone.

Awkward man moves on,

Knowing he did well for himself and others.

Awkward man throws his label out of the window.

Awkward man did this not to impress others.

Not everyone cares what awkward man thinks or does.

Awkward man did this because he needs it.

Awkward man grows a thick armor.

Awkward man does more to help others.


Awkward man is now graceful man.

For now on, he is on his best behavior.

Graceful man has more wisdom than folly.

Graceful man has a girlfriend and more fans.

Graceful man is respectful and more objective,

Despite still having the ability to create an opinion.

Overall, graceful man lives a positive life.

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