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Out of the thousands of words that you say everyday,
What do they stand for?
Is it the negative?
The fighting and the rioting
And the fire of hatred igniting
Into a blaze that not even an ocean could begin to suffocate.
The cussing and the cursing
And the wishing for the worst.
And the hurting and the breaking
And the bad reputation making.
The war waging, the God forsaking,
The life taking,
And that little girl saying
“I don’t wanna go to school today because SHE said I’m not good enough.”

Or is it the positive?
The beauty of all that shines
And me giving you all that is mine
And the singing in the spare time
Of those whose dreams will never die.
The loving what you have
And the determination to work for what you don’t,
And the standing up on the behalf of those who won’t.
The giving and living,
And the crappy job quitting,
And the will to know that out there, there is something better fitting.
The passion to forge on
When the fog is heavy,
And the strength to reach out when you know you’re unsteady
And the words that you whisper:
“I know I’m ready
To be

So when asked,
What words define you?
It’s the compassion and the reaching out
To those who say “I need you now”
It’s the love and the sighs
And the “I don’t know why,
But when I’m talking to you,
I just feel…
The words that make your best friend know she’s okay,
Those that open our eyes to see a new day,
And those things that make you say
This is good.”
These are the words that should define you.


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