Fifteen Ways to Die

Fifteen ways to die
He smiled at the child
"On this paper, says I,
I have listed fifteen ways to die."
"To die?" Says he, "why to die?"
The man began to reply
But was cut off by a cry 

"Do not take it! Children should not know of such things! What a twisted, sick, man; telling such horrors to a mere child! My child shall know nothing of this ugliness! Nothing of the vile deeds of men, or the atrocities of the past and present! I shall withhold any fable depicting the darkness of the human heart. No hint of evil, no words of pain shall reach my darling's ears. This wondrous nurturing I shall give."

At the mother's vow, the man stepped back. 
His head he bowed.
"Disrespect I do not intend, miss."
And with that, he withdrew the list. 
"I see my assistance is not needed
In subjecting your own babe to the fifteen ways to die
You have undoubtedly succeeded."


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