What I Would Change.


What Would You Change…

If you had the power to change anything what would it be?

Your hair,

Your name,

A mistake you made in the second grade?

When I’m asked the question a thousand things fly though my mind,

Some of those are the answers above,

But also I think about the restrictions.

What can I change?

 Who can I change?

Where can I change?

In a perfect world (my world) the answer is



 And everywhere.

Then I know immediately what I would change.

I would change the way everyone thinks… everywhere.

Not in some crazy I will rule the world way,

But change it so there aren’t any-

Cruel, racist, rude, uncaring, all around asshole people.

I just want people to not-  

Litter, call people dehumanizing terms, treat animals like there nothing but food and be an all around dick head.

That’s how I would change if I could change the world.

I know it’s far-fetched and will never happen but a girl can day-dream.


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