Flag of blue, white, yellow, and green

Outside of the country, that is all that is seen 

But, I flew, to the other side of the world 

For 9 months, an unexpected land unfurled 


Where I expected forrests, there grew cities

Uncertanty hid on the edges of expected smiles 

Homlessness lived on every street 

The lower class was hidden behind inpenetrable government palaces 


Brazil, is a happy place, to be sure

But there are massive problems too

all of which are hidden behind a charming allure

What are a people to do? 

All it takes is a little will... 

A government showing off pretend wealth

And they'll finally summit the hill 

Ultimately restoring, their country's health


Their country is no longer still

And with their revolution, I am proud to say- 

I lived in Brazil


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