Silver Lining


United States
37° 34' 49.6308" N, 92° 57' 27.2196" W

When Black clouds darken your sky,
They Steal your Hope inside,
And you just feel like crying,
Search for the Silver Lining,

Everyday is a new chance,
Stay seated in misery,
Or get up and dance,
Every smile is a glimer of hope,
A little peace to help you cope,
Everyone is a light in the dark,
If you look inside you can see their spark,

Never give up and always remember,
That it can't rain forever,
And even when lightning fills the sky,
You're safe inisde your lullaby,
When thunder shakes the ground and you're alone,
Remember that in your heart you're always home,
When You're born,
You find that every rose has it's thorn,

And every night has it's dawn,
But Love, Hope, and Faith are strong,
So Rekindle your hope and keep moving on.
-Shantelle R. Carey


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