I'm Different Now

Thu, 12/29/2016 - 14:02 -- Destcop

I’m different now.

I find myself searching for the peace I used to have

The peace that was given to me

The peace that surpassed understanding.

I find myself struggling to find optimism

The optimism that came so easy before.


I’ve grown distant from my parents.

My new job has made me dislike people more,

Turning me into more of a recluse.


I refuse to become hard because of this world.

I’ve got a good heart,

Tender, kind, honest..

It’s what the world needs most now.

I’ll hold on.


I’ve continued my journey to find out what

I believe,

Through academic study as I pursue my Bachelor’s.


I’ve spent less time at Church this year than any year in my life.

I feel myself changing the most this year.

I’m glad I’m not stagnant.


I’ve decided tattoos are pieces of my story,

Each significant in that chapter of my life…

So there are none I’ll regret.


I spend less time looking at sunsets

And more time writing now.

I’m figuring out me,

But it’s not exactly what I expected.


My parents are falling to pieces

And I’m determined not to.


I’m different now.

I’m searching. Struggling. Growing. Holding on. Believing. Changing.


I’m figuring out me.  



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