Societal Values

No one seems to understand why our society is the way that it is.

We value material things more than we do our loved ones, our health, and our education.

Our mindset has evolved into this despicable fixation in winning and being better than anyone else,

And because that's what the adults are doing, that's exactly what the kids are learning.


Our generation is full of pessimists.

We grow up, dealing with things that are similar to older generations,

But our ordeals aren't quite exactly the same.

Older generations say that we are lucky, that we have it good.

They say that we have no right to be this negative,

Yet they don't seem to understand that our deceitful thoughts are hard to tame.


People think that I'm crazy.

However, having been force to grow up at such a young age,

I think I'm relatively sane.

People say that they hate society and what has become of us humans --

How we're all full of hatred and jealousy.

I think everyone has forgotten that we are the society,

And to see the change is to be the change.


I want to take part in our society's future full-fledged transformation,

And I hope that you will join me.


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