A Blind World

What would we be

if god made it so we couldn't see?

Color divides us all 

and it causes the education system to fall. 

That's what I would change.


How would it be

if you could walk down the street and be free?

Whether you were black or white

and acceptance wasn't a constant fight?

That's what I would change


What would you say

if all little boys could play with eachother despite if they were straight or gay?

Sexual orientation shouldn't matter

yet when people come out, everyone seems to scatter

That's what I would change


How would it be 

if it wasn't taboo for a transvestite to be called a he or she?

Times are changing minute by minute.

With acceptance and compassion there should be no limit.

That's what I would change.


What would you say

if everyone really walked in someone elses shoes and it wasnt a cliche?

It's 2014 and yet these problems are still here,

we are so quick to apologize, but it's never sincere.

That's what I would change


What if we all relaized that being "different" wasn't strange?

That's what we can change.


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