The Limit's the Sky


United States
34° 33' 6.498" N, 106° 34' 55.1244" W

Upscale or upstage
Peaceful fight or calm rage
Black and white or a melodic gray
Take hold of the wind or the gravity and stay

Do the word-math in your head
Become the book no one has ever read
Simplistic morals or a complex plot
Be realistic or choose to not

Tie your strings or shoot your bow
Are you the hero or the foe?
Do you have allies or are you alone
Is the journey long or close to home

Character traits, are they really yours
Place this now from the sky to the floor
Word play, word math, word working tonight
Sentence to sentence or just to describe

Make haste! For in due time
The harp will resonate and bells will chime
Violins provide an confusing feel
Is it the worst or is it surreal

I know it can be about what they do
But when the chapter's ending it all depends on you
Trust in me because trusting is key
If you must question about things so empty

I've visited both sides
I'd say one thousand times
And yes, I was that person
Who I thought nobody was worse than

I'd go to the same places and do the same things
And to this very day I won't speak of the happenings
When I was alone I'd cry and cry and cry
And many times I acted on my wish to die

I'm past it all now, that chapter is gone
I've reflected about the things I've done wrong
Realizing that I do have power and choice
I can change myself so that I can rejoice

I've become the stronger person that I am today
And now I can truly and confidently say
No matter when, where, how, or why
Always remember: The limit’s the sky

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