Em Oh Em


United States
27° 30' 50.6376" N, 81° 31' 36.2208" W

Mind in pieces; never in peace
She can only breathe
Silence is a virtue
Since inside her mind
There are screams
Avalanches fall like dominoes
She is the only one who knows
How the voices continue to echo
"Don't give me those pills!"
Now they won't stop
Nails scratching
Until she bleeds
Falls to the floor
It's never ending
Sacrifice she said
But it wasn't her
She's been gone
Even when she returns
It's not her

Those filthy monsters
Relishing with joy for tears
Leading victim to fire
Cheering in light of struggle
Oh their desire
Those filthy monsters
They show visions
Playing with broken records
And pins along her spine
Sidewalks on the wall
Broken knee caps
They watch her crawl

Em oh em
Can I build you back up
They only left dust as a gift
But I can try and make bricks
Em oh em
Can I hold your hand
They left you lying in the road
But I brought you back in
Em oh em
Please don't go


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