Music is my heroin

Music is my heroin. Headphones are my needles. Being able to drown you out is my highI dont tlk about my feelings. I do musical therapy. I feel better without talking. Its the way i grew up. I never had anyone to talk to about my feelings so i learned to deal with things myself.  Now the only emotions i have are happiness anger & love.  Music makes me happy. So when i think about things thats gunna make me sad, I play music and its like I'm in a dark room and i become the song. My body becomes an iPod. My blood becomes music notes. I close my eyes and see the lyrics.  No one person can understand my feelings. But I can make a playlist that has songs where people are singing about what I'm feeling. I feel safe when I have headphones in. I can take on the world when I'm listening. When i think about girls i like listening to Usher Radio on pandora. If I'm upset i listen to the 'Ready To Die' album by Biggie. When i cry i listen to Chief Keef to put me in a better place. When I have no emotion i play 'Kingdom Come' by Jay-Z. Those albums always to seem to have the answer.  I feel nothing. Im empty. I feel like getting high. But i dont do drugs. Never have never will. So Im listening to a mixtape named"D.R.U.G.S" by Flatbush Zombies.   Music is my heroin. Headphones are my needles. Being able to drown you out is my high


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