Raising Trayvon


United States
26° 58' 42.0204" N, 82° 8' 58.578" W

I praise every Black mother who raises her son,
Having to warn him of the dangers his beautiful skin has won.
Teaching him to be sensitive and ensuring he grows strong.
How do you tell your little boy to be conscious of bigotry and hate?
He’s only eight and you tell him these things so hopefully--
One day he will not die because he reached for his ID,
Or got some skittles on a rainy day,
Thinking his own neighborhood was safe.
I praise the Black mothers and grieve with them the same.
When their children are gunned down for not knowing their place.

What is so suspicious about a Black man breathing?
When a grown man chases down a child and shoots him dead,
Why is the child suspicious and not the savage man?
The dead child is called a drug dealer, hoodlum, thug.
The dead child.
Cannot speak anymore so why is he persecuted and not the man?
No, the man is free to speak, sleep with blood on his hands.
He was allowed to go home that night while the innocent lie dead.

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