Everything seems blurry.

Out of focus yet perfectly clear.

Swirls of two worlds colliding

Are blending unnaturally.

There's no chaos running around

Only in my mind, my being.


I'm battling with what's familiar

And what's entirely strange.

Torn between wanting to stay

And yearning to cross over.

Will everything be different?

Or will it be like nothing has happened?


I'm too afraid to find out.

I would rather stay in the dark

But something is taking me by the hand.

Whispering, "It's okay to be afraid."

But will I listen and face it?

Or cower into what I know is safe?


Because the world is ever changing.

Life is evolving.

The future is the change we don't know of.

Change is our biggest fear

yet also our greatest strength.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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