A Line That Should Be Align


Wisps of dreams

To win the mean

Dreams of no tomorrow

To cling to the sorrow

What could be of her?

To be no more

She glances at the reflection

To hate it like never before

A reflection unrecognizable

To kill what is realized

Full of anger, sadness, longing

To take her place of belonging

But willing

To just stay nothing

The will of giving up

To allow her knees to buckle

Why the burden?

To run no further

Why me?

To let the shadows take over

Because life has chosen you, child

To catch the time passed away

For wisdom to seek your future

Knowledge to grant your desires

Hope to hide the shadows

Burdens to keep you reaching, treading

Perseverance to drive your destiny

Love to save you sacrifices

But most of all,

Life given to live and stay

Live and stay being a one of greatness

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