Now this poem might start off as a little bit rude

but i think its time to speak some real hard truth

on the matters at hand that are destroying society

and bringing on an age of violence and mediocrity


its 2014 and yet we still can't seem to understand 

that race doesn't define a woman or a man.

its 2014 and we still believe 

that being gay is just as bad as a contagious disease.

its 2014 and we continue to ignore 

the people on the streets both sick and poor.


its 2014 and kids are still dying

from shoot outs and murders and texting while driving.

its 2014 and no ones stopping

the kids that are drinking, smoking, other things like pill popping.

and rather than just staying in their schools,

they're locked up in jail like fools.


its 2014 and obesity finally gets an alarm

and yet we continue to increase our "fat farm".

its 2014 and we're still unfair

to the people that are struggling everywhere. 


this poem might have started off a little bit rude,

but it was time to speak some real hard truth.

the matters at hand are destroying society, 

and bringing on an age of violence and mediocrity.


its 2014 and the madness needs to end.

CHANGE. its time to begin.


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