The waters will still flow,

Snow will still melt,

The wind will still blow,

We are all harnessed to a life belt.


The sun will still shine,

The moon will still rise,

Must be fate’s design

all life dies.


We will always wander the earth,

Thankful to women who can give birth,

A newborn still tears

unaware,it brings cheer.


Our love is true, the world at our feet

you make my heart skip a beat,

We know it isn’t going to last forever,

We have to say bye,

But I’ll cherish the moments with you forever

We remain bound by indestructible ties.


“Whats done cannot be undone.”

The past oughtn’t to rewind,

Fate is tamed by none,

Stories are bound to intertwine.


Like every beginning has an end,

Everyone has atleast one friend,

Life maybe strangely arranged,

But somethings never change.












This poem is about: 
Our world


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