Shape A New Future

Fri, 05/09/2014 - 04:45 -- EAnders

Still like water, in the shade of palms

Beneath the arms, of a desert sun

This soul is calm, with the frequencies

Of the cosmos, flowing through me

Blue sky across rough horizon

Endless are these dry oceans

Harsh and arid, yet so alive

Strong and hardy, although I'm dying

Brilliance has but little time to shine

Marks left, though so miniscule

We live and die and all for what?

To dry up like the rainfall does?

Insistance of greatness begets greatness

Down a long hard road of perstistance

No heroes rise without risks

You and I can both make it

A new generation of facebook drones

Glued to illusion and false salvations

Need saving from this tasteless

C-List expectations of what life is and could be

Across the desert seas we search for hope

Hardy and fervent in our cause

To bring about a new soul

To a flailing and faltering society

Built upon tv-screens and media's teachings

As technolgy soars our knowledge sours

Even as knowledge grows our thoughts go

Straight out the window, with our games

Oh, we need saving, salvation from this

Back to the expanse of wonder, not listlessness

I'm missing this sense of awe

We once felt as children

Together, as a generation united

Still, and at peace like the water

At ease with the rhythm of the universe

We shape our new fates







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