Driving’ in his car, its amazing how the wind flows through the room.
I couldn’t stop getting butterflies touching him. Why couldn’t it last for so long?
I couldn’t help but to say goodbye.
It was the last thing that’s been on my mind
You’re face, your smile, and your sound when you laugh.
It’s too bad.
That I thought there was a chance.
This story is sad how I was so in-lust
I thought that I could trust...
As I lay in bed.
I can’t sleep with you stuck in my head
Can you please get out? You made me upset.

My eyes hurt, and you should know why.
You left me in my room. Left me to cry.
I lay awake wondering why. You left me so quick, I almost didn’t get
A goodbye.

I’m fine now, and I’ve moved on.
To someone better, and way more strong.
To someone smarter than you will ever be.
Someone completely different than you’ll ever be.
Because you left me all alone. I am a different person, you’ve helped me grown.


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