Thoughts from a wheelchair


The world is a heavenly-hell type of place

Some days are good and some days are awful

I just wish there was one thing about me I could erase

The way people treat me, just feels unlawful


I am strained in this wheelchair and I can’t help it

I sit leaning over with my hand placed on my chest

Curled up, with my fingers hanging below my wrist

I am a freak of nature judged by all the rest


Am I wrong for being born with a disorder?

Is it my fault that I get stared at EVERY single day?

Like I’m some alien on earth and this world is my border

I just wish I was not treated this way


If I could just walk or talk like a normal kid

Maybe Change the way my DNA is embedded inside of me

My ADHD, ADD, OCD, SAD, all those I would want to rid

Out of my body, my brain, my soul, I want to be free


I want the feeling of being accepted

Not just by people who are paid to do so

But that feeling of being interconnected

And actually starting a REAL friendship and experience it grow


I want to change myself

I can’t be flustered at anyone’s judgment

I’m an imperfect teenager with imperfect health

I know I get it, I understand the hint.


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