The meaning

Is so unclear

And yet plain

A true paradox

This simple word

It traps me

Stabs me

Gives me bliss

Makes me feel

As light as a feather

It makes me vulnerable

Even more shy

And closed to others

It makes me feel

Terribly weak

Yet amazingly strong

It even makes me

Just automatically

Spread my lips

Into a smile

That's a mile long

It's addicting

It's shocking

I hate it

And I love it

What is this

I try to describe it

It's friendship

The warmth

Of knowing

Your friends are

By your side


To play with you

To fight with you

To defend you

It's family

A group

Of close-knit people

Willing to share food

Exchange gifts

Offer kind advice

It's partnership

Having someone

Who cares

For every need

And listens to you rant

Who has your back

When times are tough

Who holds you

When you cry

It's parenting

When you take care

Of something weak

Who depends on you

To give them life

And all they need

It's classmates

Who help you out

Who tutor you

It's teachers

Who help you learn

Who give their support

It's strangers

Who do nice things

Out of nowhere

Without being asked

It's a shy smile

A teasing grin

A knowing wink

It's a soft chuckle

A tinkling giggle

A deep belly laugh

It's a pat on the head

A clap on the back

It's a tight embrace

It's tears as you leave

It's a wide grin when you arrive

It's eyes lighting up

When they catch sight of you

It's waking up early

To eat breakfast with you

It's staying up late

Just to chat a bit more

It's picking up things

That fell from their hands

And opening the door

It's turning into a monster

When you're attacked or hurt

It's baring your teeth

And feeling your blood burn

It's roaring anger

When you're in pain

It's mourning misery

When you've been slain

It's befuddling

To say the least

It's not spectacular

It's not that neat

It's marvelous

And terrifying

It's beautiful

And so ugly

It's not a scent

Nor a rose

In the end

All of that


Is love

I suppose.

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Our world


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