Hopeful For Us

Grip me tighter, Im drifting from afar
He has his hooks in me, saying no is the hard part.
I need your kind of love to rebuild my broken heart.
Don't give up on me before we've given it a fair start.

I'm lost here, mindlessly using, writing, and sitting alone.
No human interaction so I get lost in my phone.
I'm coming from a loving place, I'm speaking in a positive tone.

I miss you and I wish you were here. My feelings for you are real.
I want you with me, let's seal the deal.
But your attention is else where, I know how you feel.

I need you to fight for me.
I love you and want to build a life with me .
Dont give up on me.
You bring the best out of me.

Like stubborn Stains, our habits will follow us.
But there is strength between the two of us.
That strength will steer us and heal us.
From the self inflicted pain we caused others and us.
I struggle with the trust between us.
But the only way to trust is to trust us.
I have to be honest, I'm scared for us
But hopeful, optimistic, and praying for us.

This poem is about: 
My family


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