Education Today

The focus of school has turned on us

Administators no longer showing student trust.

As a student I call for a change

Of a society open to not-perfect grades.

Students work hard, day and night

Sleep deprived but still trying to fight

For a letter on a piece of paper that doesn't define them

But yet it'll define the colleges they'll consider when-

Time has come to let go of childhood

Teens facing responsiblities they should.

Although everyone must come to this time,

It's as if teens today have skipped crucial parts of their lives.

Teens have forgotten what it is to have fun

No, not partying, but days spent in the sun.

It's not a teen, but a student, and these words are becoming synonyms

When experiences during these years shape who we are within.

Students coming out of high school aren't prepared for life on their own

How could they be, with the majority of their lives spent listening to teachers drone?

No. Teachers aren't the ones to blame

When it's the government forcing certain standards, what a shame.

Not that government interference is totally a problem

But their focus is completely on academics--that's where society has fallen.

Life skills and aesthetics are just two examples of where we've failed

To give the next generation a complete, detailed

idea of what they'll encounter during a life on their own.

Where will these soon-to-be adults go

when academics are all they know?


This is a call to all who care

To fix not only our economy, but the children who will soon be the ones to declare

How this world is run, and if we don't act soon it's sure to crumble

Beneath the weight of a life without a well rounded-education, you can almost already hear the rumbles

Of a society's downfall; it's happened in the past, civilizations staggering to prevail single-handedly

When those who set the rules forget to include things that define humanity.


Today we've become focused on the phenotype, not the genotype of education

As long as it looks pristine up-front, we condone the mutations within.






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