These Days

It's funny how

These days

Kids jump into "I love You"s 

Like they jump into cold, glistening pools during California Summers

Somehow you are the winter I've been longing for through these eternal days of 100 degree weather

Yet you say you are as common as knowledge

You know, knowledge isn't as common anymore

See these kids throw themselves into drugs at younger ages 

Quickening their maturing phases

They run around all day, smoking weed and sexting instead of studying and passing

Thinking that fun under the damaging sun

Is more imprtant than their education

As if their education isn't worth the time to be done right

And when it's over it can' be undone

Like the whispers they spread

See these kids trip into the abyss of "I love You"s of the bodies 

Not the mind

Not the soul 

They just fall and keep falling as if the decent is endless

Like their grades

"Ooooo Babbyyy, how I long for and love that body of yours"

Hearing phrases like these is a constant chore

See when will I be more than just a body?

I am more than just little miss funmaker

I am a woman who is making her way through life

Paving a path to glory using the stars as my stepping stones

When a Star is really just a ball of gas

But you wouldn't know

You weren't paying attention in class 

You were too busy gawking at my ass 

As if it had the textbook's words written all over it

And I can see the turning gear in the heads of these kids start rusting and decline

Brain cells surrounded by THC

Losing memory

I can't say that I'm innocent either

See my lighter hit the earth when I was only 14

Little miss stoner queen

You got attached to the method of madness to drown out your sadness

You aren't a baddie

See Cali's got these baddies

Who know what to show

When to show

And How to show

Then they're labelled as prudes

When you wanna see what's under their mini skirts

And crop topped t shirts

But they don't roll like that

They aren't trying to tease

You just believe they want to show you 

When really they are showing their beauty to mirrors

Looking at marks, scars, and curves like 

They are Gemstones

Forged on their glorious crowns know as their bodies

These queens got the means to succeed but are constantly put down by words like




When I hear these terms thrown at girls

Who don't wanna show what you wanna see willingly

It forms an itch in my brain that needs to be scratched

Before it runs down my back and causes my words to attack

Words forming in my head

Trying to claw their way out of my mouth to just make things go south

But if you say the wrong words

Simply state an opinion it starts a fight

That ends with no one being right

Words falling to my feet

Like girl's heads in school fights

It's funny

Really it's amusing 

These days we're living in

These poor generations of depressed and sex obsessed kids 

With the potential to make the world better 

Wasted on petty high school drama

It's funny these days

Who knew it'd end like this




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