Passing Through the Valley

This year's almost over

How terrific to hear

It hasn't been the best,

and that is certainly clear.


Filled with depression;

Overflowing with sorrow

Not an obsession

Just a pure confession


This year was lonely,

maybe even troublesome

It wasn't "My Year" like someone had stated.

I even waited.


No, it had nothing to do with love

It has nothing to do with education

It's just mere reality

The depth of my family.


The great thing is that

I'm just going through it

This won't be forever

I won't be stuck; things will soon get better. 


So 2014 come.

I'm ready for you

This year might not have been the best

But knowledge I've certainly gained.


I'm sure it will be better.

My maturity has grown

Things will be fixed.

Solutions achieved.





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