One Day Tomorrow

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 16:51 -- bexlowy


United States

Never been one to settle on one thing,

my mind always moving, never pausing to stick to one choice, one life-altering decision.

Even my love for language sometimes never seems strong enough for a life-long commitment.

Is it enough? Will that make me happy? No.

It's only human nature to have doubts.

You always wonder if what you're doing is worth something, if it'll make you happy. If you'll ever have any regrets. 

To speak another language and traveling the world should be all I strive to be.

But I want more than a job. I want a lifestyle. I want to do something that affects everyone around me. 

Something to make a difference in the world, change the way people think. 

Instilling better values and healthier lifestyles for the children and grandchildren after us.

Economic crisis, global debilitation, climate reduction: 6 words to be eliminated from language as a whole. 

Maybe I could be the one to change this. Maybe I could use business and communications and language to make a global difference. 

And maybe one day this won't be a "maybe" or "some day" anymore, but a reality. My present circumstances will no longer be future plans. 


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