At Peace but still Seaking


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It's true to say,

Every girl has flaws,

And it's true that its displayed

Every guy has been clawed.

But ones for sure,

For me it's a personal tour.


I can say that I've loved

And yes I've been hurt,

And it's true I've survived

But I'm scarred with constant alert.

It's a mountain top for me you see,

A pilgrimage of one step forward and another back.

A grown up I wish to be

But all I need is just a crack,

An escape for renew

A fresh start I wish to brew

And it's true there's pain

But who's to say who remains and who's to gain.


It's that girl I seek

She's hidden and hard to please.

It's alas like a reflection,

To be a stronger version of me,

The complaints are a mental rejection

My mouth, I ordered long ago to flee.

Cause for now I know,

A stronger me

Is what I'll be.


I water this grass

In risk of losing that,

That of which I've heard before.

It's the same say you see,

The same advice cause it's for free.

Life, Liberty, and Property

That is what I've been told.

I'm like bait thrown at sea,

But a freed hook, I behold.

Because one day,

Perhaps far from now,

But one day

I'll win this war.

But the funny thing is,

I see no opponent across the floor.

Just a mere reflection

And from this one day I'll restore.

Please, don't doubt my perfection.

I am me who I am meant to be.

Believe this; I'm at peace.

It's only reality

That I'm not scared to repeat.


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