Traveling the heartless tunnel, where I must defend,

Where I must pace slowly,

The Raging Wolf snarls in my glittered path.

Muting the song of heartbreak with his temper,

His seductiveness and lust-

Comfort if only a minuscule time-

Plunges in hypnosis believing to be blissful.


Stuck in a realm of conformity,

In a stranglehold of limitation,

Trapped in a sorrowful and futile relation

(Of course to my naïve discretion);

Admitting weakness to inhibit strength

Where finally my golden eyes can shine its worth.


Third strike: she breaks his spell on me,

Forever grateful, yet locked in tearful waterfalls.

Where is Heart to go? Yes, to myself: independently.

Yet again: the unexpected touch…


Majestic King, who crosses my tracks: much alike

To my kindred soul. Wondering…wondering…

Altering emotions, unsettling butterflies,

Energetic aspirations: I am calmed from the

Terror of Raging Wolf with Majestic King’s purring melody.

Where I thought destiny to be decided,

What was nearby…I had not observed such royalty,

Such politeness. Uttering one breath…to change this God Forsaken

Destiny originally forced on my subconscious.

The shy warrior that is me, fighting long and hard for acceptance:

Taking a step backward to rethink the War.


Lingering dreams, what is unexplainable.

Better to paint a picture than dabble with useless voice;

One day perhaps such can arrive to fruition.

Here is where I breakaway to my freedom

That I shall now wield wisely.


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