Wed, 08/14/2013 - 17:12 -- jbaiza


Can one attain the ability to

Invoke happiness onto

Himself or herself

Would denial have to tie into

This indefinable equation

Although to each his own

But what is its definition

What is its importance

What is its impact

What are its influences

Can it be a matter of fact

Or is it a state of control

Can it be comparable

Or is its meaning universal

Oh it’s impossible

To really define

For the mind

Is an individual

For that matter it is me it is you

And for all those who care to choose

For if the opposite they refuse

A characteristic of denial?

A transformation they can behold

Because if we acted to satisfy its being

A world of war would be fleeting

At least with my believing

Denial for survival

Experience is wonderful


Written by Jessica Baiza


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