never change

I loved you so much I thought I could never let go

I thought these were true feeling that you showed 

but I know now and ive started to grow

and im not falling for you'r childish shit aymore 

you truly blocked my mind from rational thinking 

But now you really got me rethinking 

I cant believe I sat and listened to your lies

how the fuck you tell me you love me and look me in the eyes 

You think this is just a phase and ill get over it 

You saying that shows that how you think is rediculous 

and I hope you know that im doing better now

Because I finally started thinking for myself

And I know now that im way to strong

I still cant believe I let you in my life that long

You said all relationship have bumps in the road 

Why did our relationship have so many bumps that my car was towed?

and why you listen to me now thinking that you have a chance

You couldve done that before and you wasted that

and this is the last thing that ill say 

and that is that you WILL see me one day

and you'll be thinking about your all your actions 

and then you'll finally have the right reactions 

But it will be too late 

because i will already have made it and found myself a nice date 

and when you see me in pubic you will try to make an eye contact exchange 

but ill look right pas you knowing

that boys like you never change 



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