what I CAN do


I look at the world around me.

     Full of love, joy, hope.

     Marred by hate, pain, doubt.

I see myself in the middle of it all.

     So small, what can I do?

     So insignificant, what can I change?

But then I look again.


And I see the world for what it is.

     There's the whole world.

     Then there's my world.

And I realize, there's not just one world.

     In fact, there are billions of worlds.

     And every one is unique, different.

Seeing this, it hits me.


I may not be able to change the whole world.

     But I can make a difference in one life.

     And in that one life, I can change the world.

And in doing so little, I can do so much.

    Some worlds don't need to be changed.

    Some don't want to be changed.

But where I can, when I can,


I CAN change the world.

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